Community Fundraising

Community fundraising is a big part of our mission with Stardust Circus. We believe in supporting local charities where possible at each venue we visit.

We search out deserving local charities or organisations to support when visiting a community and can help to support them in various ways.

This can be –

  • Donating an amount of free tickets for the charity to sell to raise funds for themselves
  • Charity staff or volunteers attending the performance to bucket collect at the end of the show
  • Holding a raffle during the performance to raise money for the chosen charities.

We can also work with charities on staging your very own performance to solely raise money for their cause. We will work with the charity or organisation to help promote the event as well as assisting in ticket sales and all other marketing to maximise the impact of our visit.

If you would like to work with us on a charity event then please do contact the office by emailing